School of Applied Management Sciences


About Us

The School of Applied Managerial Sciences at Izmir University of Economics include programmes that provide general discipline management to implement in different areas of specilization.

These are the elements that makes differences of The School of Applied Managerial Sciences:

Our programme is primarily aimed at creating a solid business infrastructure. This infrastructure involves the knowledge and skills about the management of core business functions, marketing and finance. In addition, courses like operations management which provides significant support in the management, communication, accounting, law are included in this approach. In addition to these, support lessons for developping analytical thinking and expanding their vision are included in this programme. Among these lessons, mathematics, economics and statistics focuse on analysis and   for understanding people and society there are some lessons like art, psychology and philosophy which contribute to development of social perception of students.

All sections which will operate under The School of Applied Managerial Sciences, especially from third class courses are given in related fields for specializing. Courses are supported with projects. Students also do internships in the areas of expertise would have fullfilled the requirements for graduation.